St. Germain I of Constantinople (634-744 A.D.) – Let Death Pass You By, O Most Immaculate Lady


Of the 9 sermons attributed to St. Germain I of Constantinople, here below is one of the Dormition homilies.

“Let death pass you by, O Mother of God, because you have brought life to men. Let the tomb pass you by, because you have been made the foundation stone of inexplicable sublimity. Let dust pass you by; for you are a new kind of formation, so that you may be mistress over those who have been corrupted in the very stuff of their Potter’s clay…. Painful though it be for the soul to be dawn away from the body, O most Immaculate Lady, it is far more painful to be deprived of you!” (Patrologia Graeca 98. 357)

From the same homily:

“O Lay, all-chaste, all-good, rich in mercy, comfort of Christians, tender consoler of the afflicted, the ever-open refuge of sinners, do not leave us destitute of thy assistance…Shelter us under the wings of they goodness. By thy intercession watch over us. O unfailing hope of Christians, hold forth to us eternal life..For no one, Lady, all-holy, is saved except through thee, all-holy one…No one, Lady most chaste, is favored with any gift except through thee. No one, Lady most venerable, is given the merciful gift of grace except through thee… After thy Son, who more than thee has the interests of mankind at heart? Who more than thee protects and sustains us in our bitter sorrow? …Who like to thee excels as suppliant for sinners? …At the very invocation of thy hold name, thou dost turn aside from they servants the attacks of that most evil enemy, and keep them safe and unharmed”

(Patrologia Graeca 98, 377-381, English from Mary in the Documents of the Church, Ed. Fr. Paul Palmer S.J., page 57) )

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