St. Gregory Dialogus (591 A.D.) – How Many Immersions in Baptism?

Gregory the Dialogist

St. Gregory the Great (540-604)

“But in respect to the triple immersion of Baptism, no truer response can be given than what you have already sensed, that where there is one faith a variation in usage does no harm to holy Church…It cannot be in any way reprehensible to immerse an infant in baptism either thrice or once, since with three immersions the Trinity of persons may be signified, and in one, the singleness of Their Divinity.  Yet, inasmuch as it has until now been the custom of heretics to baptize infants with a triple immersion,  I am of the opinion that this should not be done among you, lest, while the heretics divide the immersions, they should divide also the Divinity, and while they continue to do as they are accustomed to do, they should boast of having got the priority of our custom” (Letter to Leander, Bishop of Seville – April, 591 A.D.

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