Sons of the East Who Sat on the Chair of Peter (A.D. 100-741)


A list of Popes who were Eastern in origin up to the 8th century

Evaristus (100, Greek)
Telesphorus (127, Greek)
Hyginus (139, Greek)
Anicetus (157, Syrian of Emesa)
Eleutherius (177, Greek of Nicopolis)
Anterus (235, Greek)
Sixtus II (257, Greek/Athenian)
Caius (288, Dalmatian)
Eusebius (310, Greek of Calabria)
Zosimus (417, Greek of Mesuras)
John IV (640, Dalmatian)
Theodore (642, Greek of Levantine/Colony of Rome)
Agatho (678, Greek/Sicilian)
John V (685, Syrian/Antioch)
Conon (687, Thracian? Greek)
Sergius I (687, Syrian/Palermo)
John VI (701, Greek)
John VII (705, Greek/Calabria)
Sisinnius (708, Greek)
Constantine (708, Syrian)
Gregory III (731, Syrian)
Zachary (741, Greek/Calabria)

Source – The Eastern Churches and the Papacy, S. Herbert Scott (Pg. 69 & 366)

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