Pope Benedict XVI Emeritus: Invalid Abdication?

I have not voiced my opinion on this matter either here on the blog, nor on any other avenue of social media. It was becoming to do that, until I listened to this homily. I am not sure who the Catholic priest who is preaching is, but I want to say I agree with his message by 99%. I think it is simply an “insane” view which posits that Benedict’s abdication was invalid, and that he is currently the reigning Pontiff of Rome.


6 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI Emeritus: Invalid Abdication?

    • No, this is not Fr. Ripperger of the FSSP. He’s on Sensus Fidelium a lot though.

      I agree that it’s a wrong and perhaps insane position to hold. John Salza has a good article on it on trueorfalsepope.com .

  1. Why is it insane to notice that Pope Benedict XVI (His Holiness) still lives in the Vatican, dressed in Papal white “firmly within the enclosure of St. Peter *always and forever*”?

    I can’t do that. You can’t. Cardinal Burke can’t. Why him?

    He didn’t leave. Abdicated Popes have to leave. Everything. Physical and spiritually, they must.leave.everything.

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