Where does the Red-Pill Lead?

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This episode of Dr. Taylor Marshall’s channel kept me watching.

It is not news that Dr. Taylor Marshall has recently come out with the “red-pill” transition (or perhaps he always was, and just recently came into the view of his following). If you listen closely to these shows, it is becoming clear that he is gradually coming more aware of the historical origins with the poison infecting the. Catholic Church. In this video, he speaks about St. John Paul II and his reception of pagan ritualistic blessings and hosting the 1986 Assisi Prayer meeting. He then speaks about the documents of Vatican II and how there were “time bombs” (undoubtedly, there were), and even stretches the origins of this farther back before, not just the 2nd Vatican Council, but even before the 1st Vatican Council. Popes of the 19th and early 20th century foresaw these infiltration’s into the Church and condemned Modernism.

Fast forward to the 1960s, and now we have the Pontificates of St. JPII, Benedict XVI, and now Francis. Dr. Marshall has plainly seen that the rot of modernism has worked its way into the Church from external enemies and has now worked its way all the way up to the highest office of government in the Church, the Papal Office.

It is one thing to recount the infiltration of the Church from the outside which seeks to harm the Church, to which the Church fights back using her magisterial authority (i.e. the anti-Modernist Popes of the 19th early 20th century), but it is entirely another animal to speak on how the very Catholic hierarchy itself, including the Pope himself, is now fighting against the Church and Christ. If this is indeed the case, we have something which can’t be brushed off in a late-evening front porch discussion on politics.

There is an irony in all of this. The effort to combat heresy, schism, and laxity in the 15th to 19th centuries caused this building knot of Papal authoritative centralization. The fight against Conciliarism, Nationalism, Gallicanism, and such cancers formed a strong Papal anti-body against dissidence and automony. We ended this with the re-establishment of a strong Papal supremacy in the Vatican Council (1870). And yet, following such an achievement, who would have thought that it is precisely this strong Papal throne, as the Dr. Marshall’s and Michael Matt’s of the world are now speaking to, which would turn around and be the very force to wage war against Christ and His Church. The stakes are high if all that is being discussed is true.

What am I getting at? What I am saying is that the trajectory of this research is slowly but surely going to force thinking people to re-consider the coherence of the irony I have just described. How could the divinely ordained organ of unity, support, and the Papal cathedra veritatis (chair of truth) be the very enemy of the Church to cause disunity, confusion, and estrangement from the truth? If one is a sedevacantist, it would be difficult to not sit and grin at this spectacle of red-pilling going on in the lives of average Catholics.

I suspect that Catholics will need to turn their attention to just how the conundrum I have described maintains any intellectual coherence, i.e. how can the Church exist with a broken Papacy/Hierarchy. As far as I know, the history of the Church has few examples of how to handle the crisis of a failed and actively cancerous Papacy, and none of them were resolved by the “Recognize & Resist” paradigm (recently espoused by Bishop +Athanasius Schneider) . The Catholic Church, however, cannot rewind back to Conciliar days. Papal supremacy has been put into granite stone (which is why Schneider’s resolution of a “heretical Pope” may be the only reasonable option).

My recommendation to Dr. Marshall is to use his intellect, studies, and time in this direction before his listeners begin to see Sedevacantism (or some other non-Catholic avenue) as a far more reasonable path to the “unanswerable dilemma” of the current Catholic crisis. If any of my readers were ever wondering, this is why my work for the past 5 years has been dealing so much with the subject of Papal authority (I have no particular obsession with it for any other reason)


3 thoughts on “Where does the Red-Pill Lead?

  1. There is no formal difference between bad popes over the past 50 years and bad popes over the past 2000 years. We can all debate which is worse, but the fact is that bad popes have existed over many centuries, and the modern technology just accentuates these recent bad popes. What do you think the sermons, letters and all official acts of evil men who have held the throne in past centuries would reveal? The official proclamation of Pope Stephen that all of the ordinations of his predecessor were invalid undoubtedly caused a massive sacramental crisis, but this happened in the 10th century! My point is this: in some sense our current crisis is unprecedented, but in another, it’s just old news. Our Lady has been warning us of this crisis for about 200 years. From the perspective of the saints, this crisis is just the next one in which our Lord will once again triumph – but not necessarily in our life time. Have faith, hope and charity. Her Immaculate Heart will triumph. 🙂

    • Timothy,

      Thanks for your comment. I think that this mindset is the only one we have available to us. We were never given the perfect schema of how evil is overcome in every instance, only that it will certainly be overcome. This is why an appeal to divine providence is not just settling, but all the more reasonable.

      Still, from a theological point of view, one may want to tease out how the particulars work vis-a-vis the doctrine of Papal supremacy/infallibility and rights of particular members of the faithful contra a deviant Pope, and then how that pans out.

      • Yes but Divine Providence has a face and since Guadalupe, Mary is the ambassador. Think about the immensity of that fact. The destruction of a civilization as advanced as the Aztec, was more, an ingenious assimilation and cultural appropriation than a destruction. Pray, and she will do the same for our civilization if we actually do as she has asked of us. We still have the Mass and the Sacraments. These are the weapons that will turn back the tide.

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