Alcuin of York (735-804) and the Papal Office


I snagged this portion of a letter from Alcuin to Pope Hadrian I from G.S.M Walker’s “The Growing Storm: Sketches of Church History from A.D. 600 to A.D. 1350” (Pg. 45). Walker was a Protestant Church history lecturer in the University of Leeds, an M.A (Oxon.), B.D., and Ph.D (St. Andrews).

However, he gives no reference to the Latin source of Alcuin. If anyone knows where I can find this letter in the original Latin, I’d greatly appreciate it.

I know that by enrollment of holy baptism I belong to the fold of that shepherd who shrank not from laying down His life for His sheep; and these He entrusted to the pastoral care of blessed Peter, prince of the apostles, for his thrice-repeated declaration of great love; on him the Lord bestowed in heaven and earth an eternal power of binding and loosing; and of his holy see, most excellent father, I recognize you as the Vicar, and confess you to be the heir of his wondrous power” (Alcuin to Pope Hadrian I)

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