2 thoughts on “Dr. Ed Siecienski on Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy

  1. Siecienski book on papacy suffers from the following :

    1) Not quoting from St. Cassian and Nyssa that Peter were presiding over the Roman Church ( as bishop)… There are numerous quotes also from Chrysologues, Pelagius, Augustine that the see of Rome is Peter’s.. he didn’t mention them.
    2) No enough detail on Babylon being a code for Rome (he didn’t precise its location according to his research)
    3) No questioning why didn’t John the Evangelist or Timothy intervene to solve the problem at the Church of Corinthians and considering Clement epistle as only “a care”
    4) Not relying on texts from Coptic and Byzantine synaxarium (they contain explicit text on Peter being the bishop of Rome and Head of the Church

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