Dr. Eduardo Echeverria – Defending Vatican II

Please watch our latest show with Theologian and Professor of Theology at the Sacred Heart Seminary, Dr. Eduardo Echeverria, as we discuss the 2nd Vatican Council, Nouvelle Theologie, the Pontificate of St. John Paul II, and the current situation under Pope Francis.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Eduardo Echeverria – Defending Vatican II

  1. Hope you don’t mind the question, but:

    What Western Fathers other than Augustine were Filioquist? I ask because many Orthodox are willing to admit Augustine taught the Filioque, but they say that it was just an incorrect theological opinion of his, and that Augustine is actually the start of the later Filioquist error.

    Also, can you name any Church Fathers prior to Augustine who held the Filioque, for example? Or are the Filioquist Fathers centered around the time of Augustine and later?

    • What exactly is meant by the term “reversal” as used by Dr. Echeverria in reference to post conciliar doctrines and Bishop Athanasius Schneider? Many thanks.

  2. @Erick Ybarra,

    Considering that Doctrinal Development applies to the Papacy, we wouldn’t necessarily expect full-fledged Vatican I style beliefs about the Papacy to already exist in the first few centuries of the Church.

    But one of the things we can expect to see is the See of Rome / Bishop of Rome being unusually associated with the promise of Christ or some sort of Biblical protection, as well as having a teaching authority that is associated with Peter for some reason.

    Would you say these two characteristics are present in the earliest centuries of the Church, even if full-blown unijury (universal jurisdiction) and infallibility may not be as developed (at least for the sake of argument)?

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