7 thoughts on “Pints with Aquinas – Interview on Eastern Orthodoxy

  1. Absolutely loved this..excellent..but will you tell Matt ,bloody is a corruption of the pre Refornation expression “By our lady” that’s how it came into the English language.

    Keep safe in the covid crisis

    God bless

    Rob Williams from Wales

  2. Eric..your love for Orthodoxy has an interesting twist. When James the second was usurpedin 1689 sone Anglican bishops refused to endorse his successor William if Orange…they were called the non jurors refusing to renege their promises to the deposed King.. they represented high church values but unlike the nineteenth century Anglo-Catholic abberation were solid Protestants.

    The non jurors attempted unity with Constantinople but asked that intercession of the saints, prayers for the dead and icons could be dropped.The Orthodox disavowed this and actually affirmed transubstantiarion.

    Thus the claim to continuity that birthed the Anglican Use is not the case. Anglo Catholicim was born in the late 1850s out of a section of the high church Oxford movement.It had no continuity for 300 years within Anglicanism.

    Anyway the book the non jurors and the Eastern Orthodox is on the web

    Being a non Anglican you probably miss the nuances

    Best wishes


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