Gospel Simplicity + Cordial Catholic – Joe Heschmeyer & Dr. Gavin Ortlund – Review

This was an excellent exchange! I truly admire both Joe and Dr. Gavin. Both are stellar examples of charitable dialogue. Congrats to Austin and K. Albert Little. Readers, please listen to this in full, and then proceed to read my review.

I have to say that Dr. Gavin brought up some excellent points which still stick, and Joe had some excellent points towards the end. I think the most pivotal part of the show was when Austin asked, “What are we expecting from history?” I can’t stress how important asking this question is. For example, Dr Gavin approaches history with an entirely different set of expectations than does the Catholic. For the Protestant-looking-into-Catholic-claims, he will be sifting through the available documentary evidence of early writers in order to see if they exemplify agreement with all of the content of Catholic dogma. All variances are weighty counter points against Catholic credibility.

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