Is the Catholic Church a House of Cards? – Eric Sammons

This article, Is the Catholic Church a House of Cards, is a good one. The basic message must be true, at least since Christ said the Church will never be overcome by the gates of hell. But while we are reminding ourselves that the Church won’t be overcome, are we being consistent in the amount of destruction that we do think is capable of settling in? In other words, I notice that some Catholics online (Blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Podcasts, etc,etc) feel that the Catholic Church is capable of sustaining so much failure and collapse while also maintaining its status of being the true Church of Christ, the sole custodian of divinely revealed truths. I thought of an imaginative dialogue between a traditionalist Anglican and a traditionalist Catholic that perfecty illustrates how articles like this, as good a reminder as they are, are still only nibbling around the edges of the criticial discussion that needs to be had.

TRAD-CATHOLIC: “How can you possibly be in the Anglican Church? They ordain females to the priesthood, and now ever to the Episcopate and Archepiscopate. They have changed the moral law on sexuality. This is all heretical, and I just don’t understand how you remain in it?”

TRAD-ANGLICAN: “Yes, all these things you mention are lamentable. However, if you pay close attention, you’ll notice that all those synodal events where the Anglican hierarchy decided to allow females into the clergy and homosexuality to be normalized, they were enacted through non-infallible means. Therefore, it doesn’t really impugn the truth of Anglicanism”

TRAD-CATHOLIC: “Hey! That’s my line.”

8 thoughts on “Is the Catholic Church a House of Cards? – Eric Sammons

  1. It does not correspond to traditional view, it does with sede perhaps. Postvatican II changes are also not co comparable to ordain female priest etc.

  2. It became a house of cards when it violated the dogmatic definition of Chalcedon and then insisted it was right in doing so at Lyons and Florence.

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