Filioque – Council of Toledo 675 AD

From the archives – Filioque from Toledo 675

Erick Ybarra

340px-simone_martini_003St. Augustine of Hippo

“We particularly profess that the Father is not born, not created, but is unborn. For he, from whom the Son was born and the Holy Spirit proceeded, has origin from no one. He is, therefore, the source and origin of the whole divinity; he is the Father of his own essence and he begot the Son of his indescribably substance in an indescribable way….We also believe that the Holy Spirit, the third person in the Trinity, is God, one and equal with God the Father and the Son, of one substance and of one nature, not, however, begotten nor created but proceeding from both, and that He is the Spirit of both. Of this Holy Spirit, we also believe that He is neither unbegotten nor begotten, for if we called Him unbegotten we would assert two Fathers, or if begotten, we would appear to preach two…

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3 thoughts on “Filioque – Council of Toledo 675 AD

    • The lack of ability to follow a train of logical thinking does not make the one putting forth the train of thought stupid.

      Stop acting so Ortho-woke in regards to the Augustinian heritage in western Orthodoxy. It’s the error of Romanides and Azkoul, along with the entire neo-patristic synthesis which likes to pretend the west never happened.

      Read the Council of Orange II ratified by a saintly Pope in communion with the Orthodox in the 6th century and then the commentary of St. Nikodemos the Hagiorite against the Semi-Pelagians in the rudder.

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