Fr. Richard Price on Divorce & Re-Marriage in the New Testament and Early Christianity in light of St. Augustine

Rev. Dr. Richard Price (Heythrop College)

Rev. Dr. Richard Price, who is Professor Emeritus of the History of Christianity at Heythrop College and a specialist in Patristic theology, is an extremely gifted scholar and functions as a walking encyclopedia of Church History. I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in on live interviews with him, and my experience with him has been splendid. Here below, Price gives a short review of the early Church’s understanding of the Lord Jesus’s prohibition of divorce and remarriage, particularly honing in on what he thinks is the novelty of St. Augustine’s argumentation of absolute marital indissolubility while a spouse remains alive. I thought it would be interesting to review this in light of recent interest in the subject by Orthodox interlocutors who are trying to find roots for their beliefs on marriage and the discipline of oikonomia in cases of divorce.

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