Rev. Dr. Richard Price speaks on Papal Authority and the Byzantine Reception in the 1st Millennium – Which Side Stands to Gain?

Fr Al Kimel, the well known Eastern Orthodox blogger @ Eclectic Orthodoxy, has been dear to many readers for his long-standing (close to 15 years now?) record of providing thought-provoking blog articles on theology. He has recently published a blog giving a basic summary of how the Byzantine-East received the claims to papal supremacy from the West throughout the 1st millennium (he borrows from another blog entitled Orthodoxidation) taking largely from the commentary provided by Rev. Dr. Richard Price on Reason and Theology (if you haven’t seen them, go check them out). See the link below the paragraph for Fr. Kimel’s article.
Fr. Kimel doesn’t reveal his own interpretation of Fr. Price but simply gives a summary of what he thinks answers the original question. Other Orthodox, such as the author of the Orthodoxidation article linked in Fr. Kimel’s blog post below, have interpreted Fr. Price’s commentary as a huge blow to Catholicism and a victory for the Byzantine claims. I myself have responded to this some time ago in the article on my own blog entitled “Rev. Dr. Richard Price speaks on Papal Authority and the Byzantine Reception in the 1st Millennium – Which Side Stands to Gain?” (see the article linked at the bottom). I did not want the record to only have what appears to me a rather hasty misapprehension of Fr. Price.

Erick Ybarra

Recently, the prolific Michael Lofton brought on Dr. Richard Price, a well-known scholar in Church History and Patristic Theology, to discuss the Council of Ephesus (431) and the Nestorian Controversy. This is not the first time that Price has made an appearance on Reason and Theology (see here and here), and so he is familiar with the atmosphere that R&T brings to the table. This time, Price had some more commentary on the phenomenon of Papal authority and the Byzantine reception of it in the 1st millennium. Some of this commentary simply rehearses what he has already said in previous videos. I wanted to publish a brief article to ask the question of which side, today, stands to gain from his commentary?

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