3 thoughts on “Why not Eastern Orthodoxy, Erick?

  1. Excellent interview! I appreciate your precision with words and your obvious basis in meditation. So refreshing! I wish you well and will pray for you!


  2. Hello, I’m new to your site. I just watched and heard your interview with Eric Simmons.
    I really appreciated your well thought out and considered comments to Eric’s questions.
    About a dozen years ago, I entered into what became a very close friendship with an Evangelical, a former Catholic, which continues to this day. We had many debates about the faith, and what eventually shook him to the core, was my suggestion that he look into the Early Church, and Early Church Fathers. While he protested adamantly, that he would and was giving his former Catholicism a chance, he delved into more Eastern Orthodox resources, and not once did he attend a Novus Ordo Mass, nor Traditional ” Latin ” Mass, which I was beginning to attend, with me. Needless to say, he became E.Orthodox, with a decidedly Russian Orthodox bent, and has remained so ever since. I bring this up because of your reflection that most converts to E.Orthodoxy whom you’re familiar with, have been traditional Catholics.
    My view, only from my experience, is that most were very badly catechized. In effect, they are like most of us Catholics, but want more, but given their experience, must, . . must, look elsewhere. In his case, pride, and family embarassment consequent on any return, also stood in the way.
    I recall two events in the early years of my just described friendship that stand out. The first, was my friend’s mother describing at one point, how while being ” really devout “catholics and raising her three boys as such, she and her husband just got too busy to attend Mass on a regular basis, . . but still insisted I try to convert her son, now an E. Orthodox. The second, was my friend, shortly before starting his journey from Evangelical to E. Orthodoxy, asking me if I really believed in the True Presence. . . ( yet he eventually did believe, but in the other tradition ). I knew then what had happened to him. Most of the time, inner conversion, is not a matter of the head, but of the heart.Very much looking forward to your book.

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